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Λιμάνι Καρύστου
Λιμάνι Λίμνης
Λιμάνι Μαρμαρίου
Λιμάνι Αρτάκης
Λιμάνι Ερέτριας
Λιμάνι Κύμης
Παραλία Ερέτριας
Λιμάνι ΑΓΕΤ Ηρακλής
Λιμάνι Πολιτικών
Λιμάνι Αγιόκαμπου
Λιμάνι Αγίου Στεφάνου
Λιμάνι Αλυροπόταμου
Λιμάνι Λευκαντίου
Λιμάνι Μαντουδίου
Λιμάνι Νέου Πύργου
Λιμάνι Ωραιών
Λιμάνι Πηλίου
Λιμάνι Ψαροπουλίου
Αλιευτικό Λιμάνι Στυρών

View of Evripos Bay Area. Visit our YouTube Channel here

evripos bridge

For operation date and time of the bridge, please contact Chalkida Port Authority at 00302221028888


Bridge repairs

11-08-2016 News

We inform you that on Thursday 11/8/2016 the old Evripos bridge will be open from 24.00 and for five (5) more hours at least, due to maintanance Read more

Dismantling Evripos Strait Pedestrian Bridge

18-02-2015 News

OLNE S.A. informs their fellow citizens and all users of the sliding bridge of Evripos Strait that: In the context of dismantling the pedestrian bridge, Old Evripos Bridge will be closed for vehicle transit onTuesday 02/24/2015. Passage of pedestrians and bicycles will not be affected. On Monday 02/03/2015... Read more

Old Evripos Bridge - Vehicle Circulation

15-12-2014 News

Old Evripos Bridge is open for vehicle circulation from 15th December.  We wish happy holidays and thank you for your understanding. Read more

Old Evripos Bridge maintenance starting date

03-09-2014 News

Evia Island Ports Authority (OLNE S.A.) kindly informs users (pedestrians, drivers, sailors) that from 01.10.2014 till December 2014 the Old Bridge of Chalkis will stop its operation due to maintenance. For the convenience of the pedestrians a footbridge will be installed. Cyclists can also use the... Read more

Chalkida coastline cavitation

29-08-2014 News

On Monday 01/09/2014 an inspection will take place by a mixed group supervised by YPOMEDI and OLNE's technical division, as ordered by the Minister of commercial shipping policies, in Chalkida's coastline, starting from the commercial port of Halkida to Ag. Nicholas square inculding the two... Read more

Old Evripos Bridge Maintanance

23-07-2014 News

OLNE SA would like to inform the users of Old Evripos Bridge that due to maintanance, the bridge will remail open on 30/07/2014 from 09.45 till 11.00. This procedure will take place after request of the developer of the project (Greek State, Ministry of Transport and... Read more

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

What is the new Pillar Card?

OLNE AE in a continuous effort for development of services provided to citizens, it applies uniform policy with the use of the card 'One Island - One Card'. From wherever... Read more

How can i use the Pillars?

In Evias tourist anchorages you will find new technology Power and Water Supply Units (Pillars) which you can use after you obtain a charging card from the nearby sale points. Besides... Read more

How can i cross Old Evripos Bridge?

Guidelines for the mooring, docking, berthing procedure can be found here. Read more

When does Old Evripos Bridge work?

The Old Evripos Bridge is a rare effect due to its water currents. The currents are often messy and for this reason a long-term planning operation cannot be implemented. You... Read more